EIDL Hardship Accommodation Plan

The SBA EIDL hardship accommodation plan is a program that allows businesses that are experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic to modify the terms of their EIDL loans.

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Our team offers assistance to business that have both current and charged off loans. If your loan has been charged off, we can still attempt to help you.

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EIDL Hardship Accommodation Plan

The SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program, a vital support for many small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, has become a financial lifeline. Despite its significance, some businesses are struggling with loan repayments due to ongoing financial challenges from the pandemic. To address this, the SBA has implemented a hardship relief plan, providing additional support to businesses in need. We are the leading consulting firm specializing in navigating government programs and grants, is well-prepared to assist businesses in applying for the SBA EIDL hardship accommodation plan.


All loans in repayment, including past-due loans, are eligible. You’re also eligible if your loan is in default (more than 120 days late on a payment) as long as it hasn’t been sent to the Treasury for extra collection steps. This generally occurs after you are 180 days late on a payment. Once the Treasury takes extra collection steps, your loan is no longer eligible, and you must work with the Treasury on any further steps. If your loan was already sent to the Treasury, you’ll need to make payments directly to them.


  • Borrowers are required to pay a fixed percentage of their monthly payment amount. Payment reduction will vary based on past enrollment status.
  • During the Hardship Accommodation period, borrowers can voluntarily make larger payments.
  • The regular monthly payment amount will resume and be required after the six-month Hardship Accommodation period ends. Borrowers may be able to renew the Hardship Accommodation Plan, if necessary. The terms may vary for renewals.
  • It’s important to keep up your payments. If you choose this help plan but miss payments, your loan will be considered in default again. There are serious consequences for defaulting on government debt. SBA recommends enrolling in autopay to avoid missing a payment.

We can assist businesses with:

The process of seeking the SBA EIDL hardship accommodation plan can be intricate and time-intensive, particularly for businesses facing operational challenges. This is where our expertise becomes invaluable. Our team comprehensively grasps the nuances of the SBA EIDL program, providing assistance to businesses in maneuvering through the application process for the hardship accommodation plan.

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Reduce the risk of your application being rejected by working with our Specialists to articulate your business’ financial struggles.

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Same-day application submission to expedite your approval process.

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Avoid hours on the phone, endless emails, and frustrating negotiations.

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Authorize our team to communicate with the SBA on your behalf.

Help Reduce Your Payments

Reduce your monthly payment by up to 90% for a minimum of 6 months.

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We can assist businesses in communicating with the SBA, including follow-ups for any required additional information or documentation during the application process.

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We are not affiliated with the SBA. We are a 3rd party consulting company. We do not charge upfront fees. We are only compensated via a success fee once you are approved.

We are not a lender, and are not in the business of providing legal or tax advice. We are a legal document processing company offering a service to assist businesses access the EIDL Hardship Accommodation Plan. Nothing on our website should be interpreted to mean that we can or will (i) determine your eligibility or ineligibility for EIDL Hardship Accommodation Plan, (ii) check the accuracy, completeness, or lawfulness of your EIDL Hardship Accommodation Plan application, (iii) help you skip legally required steps, (iv) accelerate your application with the SBA, or (v) increase your chances of receiving an approval. We do charge a success fee paid by the business once hardship plan has been approved. You can choose to apply for free directly through the SBA. If you would like more detail on EIDL Hardship Accommodation Plan options or program details, please visit sba.gov